what size of wood to use on a deck

fasteners can loosen and your deck can wind up with uneven and unsightly wide gaps between the boards. if you're unsure whether a board is too wet, compare its weight with that of an untreated board the same size; if it's twice as heavy and feels damp, it may need time to dry. you can “sticker” the wood and let it dry for a,

1x stock is fine if you have 16 inch on center joists, and the joists are themselves sized properly. using 2x stock over undersized joists does help make the deck feel more solid. if you have 24 oc joists, i'd definitely stay with the 2x decking. an other option if you have wider joist spacing is to add a joist,

which timber to use for decking. building a deck , to your home. but before the building can begin, there are a few things you need to consider when selecting timber for your deck. , made from a mix of wood fibres and recycled plastic, composite decking is an easy and environmentally friendly alternative to timber. popular,

31 jul 2012 , which material is best for your new deck or deck-remodeling project will depend on factors including decking color, available board sizes, maintenance requirements, and, of course, price. by joesph , to maintain the wood's natural color and texture, you must apply a semitransparent stain. if you don't,,

imagine how a deck would extend outward from your home. will it lead to a garden? a lawn? a pool ? could it exploit a pleasing view? after deciding where to build it, use lengths of rope to lay out various sizes and shapes so you can experience what the deck really should be. consider the deck from the outside. there are,

step by step instructions and tips on how to frame. learn how to install treated wood joists and beams to build a strong deck. advertisement. deck framing ,. wood support post. what size support posts should i use for my deck? we recommend using 6x6 posts instead of 4x4's because they are stronger and provide more,

12 jun 2017 , 22 apr 2017 tips for determining the size, length and thread for wood screws as a general rule, i tend to use #8 diameter deck type screws for most i'm considering using either ss screws or a , use 2 nails for each joist to deck board connection learn how choose the right screw with bunnings warehouse.

29 oct 2017 , choosing the right-size wood screw depends on several considerations, including the direction of stress, type of wood, and kind of joint. , as a general guideline, you can use #8 diameter deck-type screws for most utility tasks. use 1-1/4" screws for basic tasks where strength isn't a huge issue or when,

overall deck width. see deck framing plan for definition of deck length and width. 3. minimum post size is 6x6 nominal and maximum post height shall be in ,.. the edge of the beam or ledger board dictate. do not use clip angles or brackets to support joists. table 3a. joist hanger vertical capacity. joist size. minimum,

28 mar 2014 , if your deck is going to be long, the temptation is to say that you need long boards, but that needn't necessarily be the case. quite often, 'thinking outside of the box' can produce some stunning results and save you money in the process. with a long narrow deck for example, you can use short boards and,

local building regulations may specify the size of lumber that you should use. if you are using wooden posts, the accepted sizes are 4"x4" or 6"x6". the post size depends on the projected size of the deck. the rest of the structural lumber frames may be from 2 "x 6" to 2"x 12". note that a 2"x10" lumber is not as in but more,

11 mar 2010 , screws don't pop out like nails when used for decking and they are easy to remove when repairs are needed, making them ideal to use with wood decking , these screws should be at least 1/2 inch in diameter if they will support the weight of the deck, and the point should sink at least 1 1/2 inches into the,

research has shown arsenic compounds to be a potential health hazard, however, so production of such treated wood for residential use has been halted, , for a small deck (10x12 feet, for example), determine how much lumber you'll need by counting all the pieces of each size—12-foot 2x4s, 8-foot 2x6s, and so on.

26 dec 2017 , it is a great irony that the bulk of deck building happens when the thermometer passes 90 degrees. the good news to this is that installing a deck during this weather assures you that your ipe decking (or whatever wood species you choose) is at one extreme of the wood movement spectrum. in other words,

not all woods are suited for building a deck, so you can't just go to a home improvement store and pick the one with the color or texture you like best. ,. joist size. 2x6-inch lumber with 2x10-inch lumber is popular combination used for joists. you can save a little money here and get a good, solid substructure by choosing,

c20 being the highest grade, though c16 is quite adequate for domestic decking - raised or flat. if your project is to be built using composite deck boards, you should access the manufacturer's design specification sheet to ensure that your deck conforms to the different joist sizes and spans used in construction of composite,

1 sep 2011 , many contractors and deck-construction guides, such as the popular dca 6-09 from the american wood council, have simply defaulted to using 6x6 posts in , in this case, though, i couldn't find a current source with a table that shows allowable tributary areas for various sizes and wood species of posts.

select 5/4 wood at a minimum. this dimension is 1 to 1-1/4 inches thick. any less thickness produces a springy, weak deck. joist spacing also determines how thick your deck boards must be. joists spaced 16 inches on center will take both 5/4 and 2-inch deck boards (which are actually 1-1/2 inches thick). however, if your,