how much does decking weight per square foot

25 jan 2014 , beyond that, many structural and design decisions depend on the particular hot tub chosen, so clients need to select their tub early in the process. , because the loads from the tub, the water, and the occupants can exceed 100 pounds per square foot—and most decks are designed to support combined,

23 jul 2013 , some higher end products are fortified with processes such as strandex for stability and strength while some value offerings are hollow-backed to cut down on material content and weight. for that reason prices will vary but expect to be in the area of $4.50 to $5.75 per square foot. capped composite,

results 1 - 8 of 8 , browse steel diamond plate in the grant steel catalog including item #,thickness,weight per square ft.

the load that is placed on your deck is expressed in pounds per square foot (psf) and the total load or more appropriately, the design load, is comprised of the , the worry will be your beam spacing, support post size and most importantly how many footings and how much weight will they impose directly on the soil below.

12 jun 2017 , with hollow decking, the overall weight is less, and it possible to use. composite decking weight per sq ft. 25 pounds per cubic foot more treated wood can c,

15 nov 2010 , a minor issue in good weather (like a loose handrail) can become a major danger when snow makes your deck slippery. are you worried that your deck , the nationwide design standard for the weight a deck must support (beyond its own weight) is 60 pounds per square foot (psf). this “live load” standard,

floor plate. thickness & size. weight per sq. ft. weight per plate. 14 ga. 3.75. 48 x 96. 120. 48 x 120. 150. 60 x 120. 187.5. 72 x 120. 225. 84 x 120. 262.5. 96 x 120. 300. 1/8. 6.16. 48 x 96. 197.12. 48 x 120. 246.4. 48 x 144. 295.68. 60 x 120. 308. 72 x 120. 369.6. 84 x 120. 431.2. 96 x 120. 492.8. 3/16. 8.71.

24 aug 2015 , a 56-sq ft. hot tub with a dry weight of 855 lbs. can hold 420 gallons of water and seat 6-7 people (average weight per person = 185 lbs.). 855 lb. tub + 3500 lbs. water + 1295 lbs. for 7 occupants = 5655 lbs. total weight. 5655 lbs. divided by 56-sq ft. = 101 lbs. /sq. ft. = design load the framing must be able to,

corrugated steel decking, b deck, mezzanine decking, seven trust, drill screw fasteners, mezzanine flooring, deck panels, galvanized b deck, and roof deck , that will not exceed 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg) unless , loads shown in the tables below are the allowable uniform loads in pounds per square foot (kilopascals).

construction material. acoustic fiberboard (1"), 1.5 pounds per sq. ft. acoustical tile, 1 pound per sq. ft. asphalt shingles, 2.2 – 2.5 pounds per sq. ft. brick, 4" thick, 40 pounds per square ft. concrete, 150 pounds per cu. ft. concrete (per 1" thickness), 12.5 pounds per square ft. concrete block 8", 36 pounds each. decking,

24 jul 2017 , snow load will affect a deck's weight load in a big way. where i live and work, in the minneapolis area, we need to build decks to support 50 lbs. per square foot. to support 50 lbs., first consider that 40 lbs. is what we consider “dead load.” then the remaining 10 lbs. is considered “live load.” that's the,

12 jan 2017 , additionally, certain climates require different seven trust liners, all of which will adjust your total seven trust decking cost per square foot. , weigh as much as 50%-70% more than lumber of the same dimensions, making seven trust a very solid material; stay cooler than wood of the same color on a hot day; can be cut, routed,

ipe has many benefits over teak and is available at a fraction of the cost. we ship our , strength and beauty aside, a deck made of advantage ipe will give you peace of mind for decades to come. , weight: basic specific gravity (oven dry weight/green volume) 0.85 to 0.97, air dry density 66 to 75 pounds per cubic foot.

roof. fiberglass shingles. 3. asphalt shingles (1). 2. wood shingles (1). 3. spanish clay tile (1). 19. concrete roof tile. 12. composition roofing: three-ply ready roofing (1). 1. four-ply felt and gravel (1). 5.5. five-ply felt and gravel (1). 6. 20 gage metal deck (1). 2.5. 18 gage metal deck (1). 3. 0.05” thick polyvinyl chloride,

30 dec 2010 , when fully dry, treated deck boards weigh some 0.25 pounds per cubic foot more than untreated boards of the same species. a 12-foot length of treated, yellow pine 5/4-by-6 decking will weigh an average of 13.87 pounds (within a range of 10.65 to 17.08 pounds). if not fully dry, treated wood can contain,

in order to determine the proper size for your footings you will need to establish how much total weight they are going to have to support and what kind of soil they are covering. to calculate the load you should use 40lbs per square foot live for load (these are variable loads that are dynamic such as the weight of people and,

10 oct 2017 , for solid polyvinyl chloride (pvc)-based decking, the average cost per square foot is $9.48, though buying this material in hollow slats can reduce the cost to , with hollow decking, the overall weight is less, and it is possible to use the hollow spaces between the slats of decking to run wiring for lighting or,

is there a simple way to to check that the deck can withstand the weight? (mi). the tub is by softub, holds 300 gallons of water and they say it weighs about 2700 pounds full but that its weight per square foot is less than 90 pounds/sq.ft. the deck is about 15 years old, has no visible signs of rot, sagging or,

for these products, the veneer often does not completely seal the board, allowing for moisture to penetrate the composite which can cause the boards to expand or warp. for cheaply-made capped decking, the cap has even been known to peel off completely. **note: if you decide to go with a capped product, make sure you,