indoor floor system

a suspended flooring system where the walking area rests on a raised structure. between the bottom and the floor, an accessible technical compartment is created to house the utilities. find out more. loose-lay raised floor. represents the combination of the practical maintenance of raised floors with flexibility of application.

indoor play areas are currently enjoying increasing popularity.conventional safety floors, however, are designed for outdoor use. their porous surface structure is unsuited to the kind of floor cleaning required for indoor facilities. with playfix® indoor, bsw has developed a flooring system that fulfils the impact protection,

indoor dry flooring system | | arsratio casalgrande padana is a radical change in the traditional concept of ceramic floors although it maintains all its qualities while turning a static element into a dynamic and flexible system. its installation is extremely simple and versatile, its finishes are of great aesthetic value,,

learn about the different radiant floor heating systems and how they can be used in indoor and outdoor environments with information from the experts at uponor.

polytan gym sports flooring creates the ideal conditions for indoor sports – whether for school sports, children's gymnastics or international indoor tournaments. read more,

herculan has an impressive range of high-quality polyurethane sports flooring systems. this means that there is always a sports floor that meets your wishes in.

xrturf is designated for indoor use only and meets specifications for competitive field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer fields. it is spike-resistant and ideal for heavy indoor sports training, including use with football pulling sleds and speed schools that promote speed, power, strength, flexibility, and endurance training.

american-made athletic flooring systems built for multi-purpose uses. choose maple, golden cherry or oak hues! dynacourt® is a solid pvc sports flooring system, pre-manufactured, and engineered for a wide variety of uses. available in various thicknesses and with today's popular wood grained hues (maple, golden,

raised indoor floor raised floors resting on metal structures and consisting of removable modules give the designer absolute freedom in installing systems.

instasport's versatile, sprung floor systems are ideal for all indoor sports flooring, dance floors and leisure applications. when combined with most proprietary sports wood, sheet flooring or seamless polyurethane surfaces, the finished floor is fully compliant with en 14904, the minimum standard for indoor multi-sports,

it is suitable for basketball and other indoor activities while standing up to high point loads and rolling loads. if you need a surface for sports that can also withstand heavy equipment, a pad & pour polyurethane is an excellent option. it is common in field houses and multipurpose areas and it is the only sports flooring system,

certified sports floors for indoor – point elastic, mixed elastic or combi-elastic. porplasticcel combi. combined elastic sports flooring system for school and multipurpose use, according to en 14904, for indoor use, ihf approved. terstbild. referencessystem information. porplasticmel compound. sports flooring,

our flooring solutions suit all indoor sport and activity areas, including, gyms, fitness flooring, athletic facilities, and multipurpose rooms. we have manufactured basketball floors and dance floors for many satisfied customers, and are a substantial supplier of sports floor systems all over the world. junckers sports floors,

action floor systems provides a variety of playing surfaces for indoor and outdoor tennis courts. our action herculan tc systems are ideal for tennis.

as with any technical installation such as synthetic floors, expertise and experience are vital in assuring the job is done right. cba sports has been designing and installing synthetic floor systems since 1992 and is certified by our product manufacturers to give you peace of mind that your job will be done right the first time.

discover all the information about the product plaster raised access floor / indoor lindner hollow floor system floor and more - lindner group and find where you can buy it. contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote.

action floor systems provides recommendations for different sport floor surfaces applications. explore our maple wood and synthetic options.

radiant floor heating systems provide warmth and comfort to homes and businesses. expect high-quality components and superior service from suntouch®.

the decoflex™ universal indoor sports flooring system is a truly multi-purpose sports floor suitable also for other uses and applications such as functions, examinations, etc. the decoflex™ universal indoor sports flooring system is now officially certified by fiba - fédération internationale de basketball and badminton,