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wood plastic composites are good insulators and as such can support the build-up of high static charges. this can lead to problems during transport and storage, dust build up on the end product and risk of electrical discharge. our range of atmer anti-static additives can be incorporated into the wood plastic composite,

additives, such as colorants, reinforcing agents, and lubricants can be added to achieve a higher level of specification for the intended product's use. because of the composite's unique composition, wood plastic composite can be manipulated to assume a wide array of shapes and dimensions, including arched and bent,

bring out the best in your wpc. genioplast additives are ready-to-use processing aids for wood-plastic composites (wpc) that enhance processes as well as the quality of the end product. here, the genioplast silicone copolymer is here already combined with an organic polymer making it easy and efficient to use.

a particularly noteworthy example was the 8th woodfiber-plastic composites conference in madison, wis., sponsored in may by the usda forest products laboratory in madison and the univ. of toronto. "there were several excellent papers describing new test results and comparing real-world moisture aging tests with,

wood-plastic composites—performance and , - springeras suitable replacements for solid plastic products and materials. keywords applications 4 fibres 4 manufacturing 4 matrix components 4. renewable composites 4 user perceptions 4 wood-plastic composites. 1 introduction. wood-plastic composites (wpcs) are a product class that has been developing over the last 40,

wood plastic composites (wpc) are composites which can be processed thermoplastically. , as far as this relatively new material class is concerned quality assurance plays a central role when it comes to the market introduction of newly developed products, not least in order to create customer confidence. this is,

the denomination “wood-plastic composites”, wpc, is usually used to designate materials or products made of one or more natural fibres or flours and a polymer or a mixture of polymers. natural fibres and flours come from different vegetable sources and all kinds of polymers (virgin or recycled) can be used. create your,

wood plastic composites - a primer - university of tennessee ,product performance attributes provide the potential for a variety of new markets. this publication is intended as an introduction to wood plastic com- posite technology for those people who are interested in wpc technology and their applications. introduction. what are wpcs? wood plastic composites. (wpcs) are roughly,