how to make planters from decking

apr 20, 2016 , give those plants a good home by building a planter from decking - lush! did someone say 'summer'? buy the products featured here, softwood deck board - ht,

nov 1, 2008 , planters enhance the appearance and the function of a deck, making them popular add-ons for customers. plantings soften the rigid look of decking material and provide bursts of flower color that clients love. large planters filled with tall plants like ornamental grasses or shrubs can be used to create,

bring delicate plants indoors where possible, and clear out containers with annuals that don't survive winter. removing all planters from the deck at summer's end gives you a clean slate for seasonal maintenance. early fall is a good time to inspect for damage and make repairs. cleaning and sealing before winter arrives,

dec 7, 2016 , as an example :- to build a trough or rectangular planter around 2ft x 10″ (600mm x 250mm):. saw a piece of sheet material, i.e. 3/4″ (20mm) plywood to size for the planter base. if you choose decking board, again as an example for the walls of the planter, saw 4 x 2ft (600mm) lengths for the longest,

may 29, 2010 , hello, and welcome to my 2nd published instructable, children! today we're going to make a planter from offcuts and inexpensive timber. i've always been interested in growing some vegetables in the garden, but, as i'm sure some of you can testify, there's always another project that demands attention.

16 upgrades and add-ons to create a more attractive and usable backyard deck. , deck planter boxes to customize and upgrade your deck. view as slideshow. photo by maria s. , use drop-in containers, planting towers, and window boxes to make a barren deck feel more like a garden room. see the before and after,

this lightweight, durable and attractive deck planter is made from a vinyl gutter, two fascia support brackets and two end caps. it's a snap to make. glue one of the end caps in place and drill holes in the bottom of the gutter so the water can drain (photo 1). slide two fascia support brackets onto the gutter (photo 2) and glue,

may 4, 2016 , another day in the allotment garden, finally getting my last raised bed finished. it's been a long time coming but the main area is finally done. we now have 2 main beds built from decking, 3 beds built from pallets and 1 bed that was a kit from aldi. still a few little bits to finish off and improve, but i'm just glad,

dec 9, 2016 , building your own deck is a wonderful thing, especially when you use a modular system to remove all the guesswork. take it up a notch with a built-in seat, outdoor cushions and planter boxes and you'll have a sweet spot to sit back and enjoy your handiwork. gather your supplies: • deck base frame kit,,

sep 5, 2014 , 2-a planter box to fit your deck. in order to bring about a lively look to your deck, you could create a large diy planter box that is 8' long. here are brief steps to build this wooden planter box. design the frame for the base by hammering together all pieces. place the bottom piece of lumber inside the frame.

top quality pressure treated decking timber. sunderland, tyne and wear. raised planter, fully lined, ideal for patio or indoor. top quality pressure treated decking timber. choose from 4, 5 or 6 foot in length fully lined with thick polypropolene. please contact us if you would like a bespoke size making. deliver. £48.

aug 22, 2016 , here is a tutorial on how to build a wooden planter out of decking. looks great and so easy to do! please visit for more in,