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3 aug 2014 , can i convert my back deck to a screened porch? replace that hot bug magnet with a cool, sheltered outdoor room? yes, you can -- depending on a number of factors.

extreme how to - deck rebuild/ replacing old wood planks with new composite decking onto existing structure. keeping cost down.

if your existing deck is old, shabby and a maintenance nightmare, you don't have to tear it all down and start over. chances are that the structural , wood chips around them. if your footings seem solid but your posts are in bad shape, you can raise the outside of the deck with a car jack or bottle jack and replace the posts.

watch this video to find out about diy-friendly composite decking and hidden fasteners that's a low maintenance alternative to wood decking. , and you'll never again spend a saturday staining the deck—ever. and for you, that means a beautiful outdoor living space you can enjoy for years to come, without tons hard work.

26 sep 2016 , i started pulling off deck boards hoping to find a solid structure underneath. several observations had raised these hopes. during earlier repairs i had noted that the deck framing was pressure-treated 4×6, that old fasteners were holding well and that new fasteners were going into solid wood. we were,

28 mar 2007 , if you are extending your deck beyond the size of the existing slab, lay out any pier blocks needed to correspond to the joist layout. no, you can't put the blocks right on top of the grass—what the heck were you thinking? use a shovel to cut the sod around the outside edge of each pier block. dig out any sod,

it's also one of the most popular ways to entertain a big party: a deck not only increases the available space, but it also gives guests the option of staying inside or enjoying the outside. however, if you're stuck with a house that has a small, cramped deck, it won't help much with entertaining. finding yourself frustrated with,

kontiki interlocking wood deck tiles – real wood xl series sku: 10079544. building a deck can seem like a daunting task to a novice handyman, but deck tiles make it easy and fast. in a matter of hours, you can transform a tired balcony, porch, or sundeck from boring and ordinary to a stunning outdoor living area your,

12 sep 2013 , i used the american wood council's prescriptive residential wood deck construction guide (also known as the dca-6), based on the 2009 irc, as a , after removing the outside decking board, nail a new rim to the existing rim with 16d galvanized nails; then secure each post-rim connection with a,

according to galbreath, "inspection may reveal that only a few bad spots must be repaired to make the existing porch or deck safe and secure". once any damaged components are replaced, remove the old wooden railing and pickets, cover porch support posts with vinyl post wraps to hide the repaired, fractured or,

this article will not get you from a to z with rebuilding an existing deck. but reading it ought to save you some time, sweat, aggravation, , plan the structural design to accommodate the desired tread materials (composite or wood, pine, pressure-treated, or cedar). different materials may require different on-center support,