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the bangladesh–india border, known locally as the international border (ib), is an international border running between bangladesh and india that demarcates the eight divisions of bangladesh and the indian states. bangladesh and india share a 4,156 km (2,582 mi)-long international border, the fifth-longest land border in,

5 aug 2017 , guwahati, aug. 4: the supreme court has asked the union home ministry to set up a three-member committee to oversee the border fencing work along the india-bangladesh border. on monday, a bench of justice ranjan gogoi and justice rohinton fali nariman, in the hearing of a case on the validity of,

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2 jun 2015 , the people living in these enclaves have to suffer a lot as they are not able to get any of the government services they are entitled to. to control the smuggling of narcotics, india is building an indo-bangladeshi barrier with a fence of barbed wire that will run over an area of 3,406 kilometres. in the west,

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8 dec 2017 , the bengal government's land policy cropped up as a major hurdle to the centre's plan at a meeting to fence the borders with bangladesh. , sources said the bengal chief minister had made it clear that the state would not acquire land forcibly and the centre had to buy it directly. "but she was quick to let,

3 mar 2017 , we have identified plots to be acquired. we have sent a proposal to the government,” r.p. singh, additional director-general of the border security force, east, told the hindu. he said land acquisition was a “legal process” and the moment the final approval was received, fences would be erected.

11 may 2015 , in order to check the movement of people, india has already built 3406 kilometres long fence along the bangladesh borders. the total border , fencing the border is india' right, but is it really a 'friendly' gesture? indeed it is a 'big , but with delhi's money she came on board to support the agreement.

16 sep 2017 , the supreme court has appointed a new chairperson of the committee it has formed to oversee the ongoing fencing work along the india-bangladesh border. the new chairperson, a.k. mangotra, a former union secretary (border management), has been appointed as per the suggestion of the central,

crossborder migration. the subject of the research is the border fence that is being built between india and bangladesh as a solution to , in order to achieve this major goal of interdisciplinary. assessment of the border regime ,.. legal ways to isolate criminals and to reserve board. patrols for searches for drugs and,

9 jan 2013 , matters are even worse in bangladesh's south, where watchtowers and a security fence built by its other neighbour, myanmar, make the border as impenetrable as the , china is also keen to establish a road- and rail-link to connect chittagong in bangladesh with the chinese city of kunming, via myanmar.

5 sep 2017 , new delhi: india and bangladesh have finished 95 per cent of the work on a new single-layer fence aimed at curbing cross-border crime and securing , the bgb dg had said the situation in these villages was "very challenging" and the forces did not want them get divided by a fence that would affect the,

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1 apr 2013 , bhomra, bangladesh—the 2.4-metre-high barbed wire fence, double-walled in places, runs through lush rice fields, narrow canals and tall trees. every hundred metres or so, there is a manned lookout. guards also patrol on foot, guns in hand. around them, farmers work, sowing and weeding.

vinay kumar sonahat border post (assam): construction of a 76-km barbed wire fence on the border with bangladesh in dhubri district of assam is in full swing. , sonahat had a metre gauge rail link to kurigram in bangladesh in the pre-independence period but now only some remnants of the track are visible.

29 jun 2016 , dhaka has neither acknowledged the presence of a large number of illegal bangladeshi immigrants in india nor taken any effective measures to control the flow of its nationals into india. india's efforts over the years to stem the tide by erecting a barbed-wire fence along the border and enhancing border,

26 sep 2016 , a recent video has emerged on internet showing of a pair of cows being hurled over the barbed wire fence along the bangladesh-india border. images show cows being strung by their necks to a makeshift crane. smaller to medium cows are pulled over a tall barbed fence, with a crowd of smugglers,

12 may 2008 , they also throw up stretches of char land, which get inundated during floods. though ,. erecting fences, issuing identity cards to indian citizens, developing border areas, and cooperating with bangladesh are some of the other measures dseven trustn to step up security along the india–bangladesh border.

25 sep 2016 , dg of bgb, major general ahmed said that his government has already approved a project to have a 282 km road along the border it shares with india and myanmar.

united states and israel to build fences with mexico and the west bank respectively to prevent illegal migration and terrorist infiltration2. the idea of protecting the indo-bangladesh border with a fence is not new. regional politicians in assam first proposed fencing the border in the 1960s in order to isolate the population of,