patio flooring decks cost per square metre

jan 29, 2009 , i am in process of installing a paver patio in my back yard. i was quoted between $13 and $19 per sq. ft. to prep an area for a 650 sq. ft paver patio. since pavers can run $.99 to $7 a sq. ft., depending on whether concrete or natural stone, they aren't included in the cost to prep the patio area, which involves,

square meters. 28. 465. doors. 0. 50. windows. 0. 10. shutters. 0. 10. garage doors. 0. 5. touch-up paint. yes no. * important disclaimer: this calculator is provided for general information and illustration purposes only; the results are to be used only as estimates and are not intended as definitive advice or as resource,

in choosing a concrete paver for the promenade, driveway, patio, terrace, pool surround, etc, long-term costs involved should also be highly considered. you should decide , porcelain pavers estimated cost of installation is around $5-$10 per sq/ft deepening on pedestal mounted or sand set. the maintenance costs are not,

apr 30, 2014 , when considering residential patio options, hardscaping experts discuss options, prices and maintenance of pavers, gravel, concrete and stone varieties. , video: deck or patio: which is best for your home? 00:00. initializing, stage: ,. cost: $815, based on an average cost of $5.66 per square foot.

apr 5, 2017 , the cost of your new patio or decking will vary considerably, and the final bill will depend on many factors, some of which might be within your control! , the labour cost will vary depending on where you live, but if you budget for between £75 and £100 per square metre for the preparation and to bed the,

average cost to apply concrete sealing is about $684 (500 sq.ft. acrylic concrete sealing). find here , concrete sealing is a common approach to improving the appearance and/or functionality of concrete surfaces like driveways, parking aprons, walls, and floors. the cost to apply , material cost, $0.39, per sq.ft. 500, $196.

rubber flooring – material prices, $320.00 - $350.00, $380.00 - $400.00, $415.00 - $455.00. rubber flooring – installation cost, $105.00 - $110.00, $130.00 - $150.00, $165.00 - $175.00. rubber flooring – total, $425.00 - $460.00, $510.00 - $550.00, $580.00 - $630.00. rubber flooring – total average cost per square,

per square metre. timber frame. steel frame. concrete slab. standard finish including timber piers, decking and handrail. 300. 420. -. high finish including compressed cement sheet or cast concrete deck, waterproof membranes, tiled floor, stainless steel balustrading. 420. 530. 850. veranda (not including deck costs).

mar 24, 2017 , if you're hiring a pro, note that the cost of labor—either to build a new deck or to replace worn planking on an existing structure—can easily exceed the cost of the materials. complement your home's design , price: about $225 to $825 or more per 100 square feet. photo of composite decking materials.

how much does it cost to build a patio? a patio can be made from many different materials including stone, pavers, and concrete. for this discussion we will look at the requirements and costs associated with the installation of a 192 square foot (12'x16') concrete patio. of many home improvement projects, a patio,