Build A Patio deck Cover Over An Existing Slab

2. the patio cover must be designed and sealed by an engineer licensed to practice in texas. the design is based on the 2009 edition of the international residential code. patio covers are either attached to an existing structure or are free standing. those that are attached to an existing structure have either a low sloped roof or a gabled/hip roof.

first, seal it against moisture migrating from below. use a pump sprayer or brush to coat the slab with a waterproofing masonry sealer, following the instructions on the best way to clean and prepare the surface. then cover the slab with a layer of 30-lb. roofing felt followed by a layer of 6-mil plastic sheeting. lap the seams about 6 inches or so.

q-our 36-year-old concrete patio consists of six , a-the usual way to build a deck over a patio is to attach , slab, as it does in many cases, the deck ,

build a covered patio on existing slab. , look into building the cover as a gable off the house, , i retrofitted a roof over a 6" patio slab.

clean the area thoroughly, mix and pour your chosen material into the sunken area and run a straightedge over the newly poured mix until it is level with the surrounding concrete. allow the repaired concrete to cure completely.

slab-to-fab patio makeover. , opening onto the existing step-up platform. , concrete patio cover-up. connect with us. facebook; twitter;

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building a wooden deck over a , of the bench directly into the deck. the cover then has it's own frame , my existing patio is about 10 inches thick so it ,

read this article to find out how to lay a paver patio over a concrete slab in , install pavers over a concrete patio without , existing partically cover patio ,

cover the patio with a thin layer of sand, lay pavers over it, and the results look like a standard paver patio. it’s a fairly simple project and the cost is reasonable ($3 to $6 per sq. ft.), but expect a weekend or two of hard labor.

building a roof over a deck or patio . , building over an existing slab. if you are building an overhead to cover an existing patio, ,

building a roof over a deck or patio | hometips. aug 14, 2014 , if you are building an overhead to cover an existing patio, you must first determine if local codes ,

patio cover plans provides information on how to build a patio cover or deck , these patio cover plans assume that the existing structure is , the patio slab.

patio cover plans - build your patio cover or deck cover ,our house came with a 10' x 10' patio slab. we extended ours to make it approximately 10' x , when you are ,

patio covers are either attached to an existing , integral to the patio slab. , site plan showing the location of the patio cover with respect to existing

possible idea - detailed guide on building a back deck patio cover , how to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance.