2 ft high garden fence in hungary

in 2015, hungary built a border barrier on its border with serbia and croatia. the fence was constructed during the european migrant crisis (see timeline), with the aim to ensure border security by preventing immigrants from entering illegally, and enabling the option to enter through official checkpoints and claim asylum in,

15 sep 2015 , viktor orban declares state of emergency in two counties on border with serbia. , migration laws make it a criminal offence to enter the country without authorisation, or to damage or climb under or over the 3 metre (10ft) high fence that now runs the length of the 175km (110 mile) border with serbia.

25 sep 2015 , the european commission has warned hungary that building a fence on its frontier with slovenia to keep out migrants would violate the rules of the eu's , on friday, croatia lifted a blockade of its border with serbia, a byproduct of hungary's moves that had brought tensions between the two countries to,

2 mar 2017 , a hungarian police van passes by an intelligent fence post as it patrols the fortified hungary-serbia border near the village of asotthalom, hungary march 2, 2017. reuters/laszlo balogh. the country was a main crossing point for hundreds of thousands of people trekking into europe at the height of the,

17 jul 2015 , dozens of men are clearing the ground for what viktor orban, hungary's prime minister, believes will be a solution to the country's worsening migration crisis: a 175km steel and barbed wire fence along its flank with serbia. more than 80,000 migrants have crossed this stretch of land into hungary — and the,