ways to cover a concrete floor to look better

may 14, 2013 , flooring can be expensive. and hiring someone to install flooring can be even pricier. so why not get creative and use these diy flooring alternatives?

see more ideas about basement concrete floor paint, diy polished concrete floor and flooring for basement. , how to prepare concrete floors dyeing staining, concrete masonry, flooring, how to, painting i guess i'm gonna have to break down and do this for our tool room and ,. would look good with wood accent wall.

back5 of 7next paint a pattern how beautiful is this floor? you could do any number of designs to give it an amazing finished look! idea from decorated life. ba.

achieve this modern look with our step-by-step tutorial on how to stain interior concrete floors. , the color palette is more limited, but the stain typically lasts longer than water-based, so it's the best solution for high-traffic areas. , brush strokes may appear, so go over the floor again with a second coat to cover them up.

nov 5, 2017 , you might be able to give it a good cleaning, maybe grind down some rough spots, and call it good. you can always use throw rugs or carpet tiles (see below) to add warmth and softness to specific areas. if you want a better look to concrete, you can acid-stain it. acid stains create color in concrete through,

may 28, 2010 , how to stain your patio to look like tile. this was is what our , as i was trying to decorate the patio with furniture, i just couldn't get pass how ugly the floor looked. , now with two coats of stain, it is definitely darker than what i had wanted, but i still think it looks so much better than our dull old gray concrete.

four ways to cover concrete floors: there are four ways to cover concrete. each of these provides a distinct look, with benefits and differences we will examine. for even more information, read types of overlays. have you ever considered concrete or a concrete topping as a floor covering? for the most part floor coverings,

this is the story of my $80 diy painted concrete floors. in case you missed my previous blog where i went through the whole process of how we remodeled our mudr.

oct 30, 2014 , after having painted the slab in front of the house with paint once before, i knew how difficult finding the perfect “freshly poured cement” color would be. grays are usually too blue, so it's better to steer toward grays with lots of brown in them. now that i've lived with the front slab gray color for a while, i knew i,

design mom. the stain definitely created depth and also left bluish areas that look really cool! i really like how the stain affected the overall look. diy concrete floors — easy & inexpensive! | design mom. one other thing i learned: in addition to the ardex feather finish, i also bought a bag of ardex sd-m. the feather finish,

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dec 26, 2013 , staining concrete with dye or acid is a very labor-intensive project but very cheap and requires no special skills or knowledge (unlike laying tile or installing carpet). for under $450 we were able to stain 1000ish square feet of our main floor and got great results that will last for decades. (it should last for,

nov 20, 2012 , i saw tons of awesome pictures of stained concrete floors but no one really went over how to do it. yet, i was determined. i wanted that really cool stained concrete look. plus i wanted the kids to be able to right their little cars and bikes in the basement. stained concrete in my finished basement. sorry for the,

there, warm, humid air can come in contact with relatively cool surfaces, such as a concrete slab floor, and condense. keeping , allowing for waste, expect to pay about $500 for enough backerboard to cover the floor of a 600 sq. ft. basement. once you , laminate flooring mimics the look of wood, stone, and ceramic tile.

apr 27, 2017 , even better, this product is extremely diy friendly, no matter what you skill level is! if you can spray paint (even badly!), you can do this! stain concrete floors | diy stain concrete | stain concrete slab | stain basement floor |. i love finding alternative ways to makes my home look pretty that are affordable.

concrete floors are being transformed into highly decorative interior finished flooring. find out what we're doing and how we do it.

we looked at so many options and then ran across information on diy stained concrete floors. we completed the process which i will show you below and it turned out amazingly well. it would have cost us over $3000 for new carpet and more than that for tile or wood floors and we purchased the items needed to stain the,

if you're dealing with more significant damage, a concrete overlay is usually the most effective option because it can make your floor look like new. , cover it. if your old concrete floor is beyond the help of patching or painting but you don't have the budget for a concrete overlay, self-stick vinyl tile is an easy, inexpensive,

you could do any number of designs to give it an amazing finished look! , acid staining is easy and gives you a unique and inexpensive new concrete floor covering. , diy: paint a concrete floor, porch or patio - how to paint concrete to cover stains + lots of great pictures of painted floors + videos on how it's done - via,