lay concrete over plywood decking

sep 30, 2014 , the original plan was to do a 2" concrete pour over our radiant heat system as recommended by our builder. we are hearing a lot of concerns from concrete contractors about pouring that thin. does anyone out there have any information about how we can do a finished concrete floor on a plywood subfloor,

we are going to be pouring a 1.5" concrete slab overtop of a plywood floor to "encase" our in floor heating pipes. lots of guys pour directly ontop of the plywood but i wanted to find.

plywood substrates can be resurfaced with self-leveling concrete to create beautiful polished concrete floors using param 5500 and clear coatings. , concrete resurfacing over wood or plywood substrates. during renovation and remodeling , install at no less than 3/8” thickness over the highest point in the floor. protect the,

jan 20, 2017 , this video demonstrates the installation of self-leveling concrete over plywood substrates.

installing over woodit's also possible to install an underlayment over plywood subfloors, but additional steps are necessary to reduce the chance of cracking. adding a liquid acrylic modifier to the underlayment mix will increase the flexibility and reduce the chance for cracking. typically the modifier replaces a percentage of,

did you cut any control joints into the surface? cracks are caused by stress or movement. just because it is a microtopping over a mortar bed does not mean it will not shrink or move due to stress and temperature. i would not be surprised to see that the crack had followed a seam in the plywood or decking in the sub-floor.

dec 19, 2012 , our idea was to go in the direction of deck construction rather than block construction, then put one of our cast-in-place overlay systems over the wood deck. choosing a deck over block eliminated the need for large-scale excavation to pour footings. this was a major cost savings, since we are in a,

ardex liquid backerboard over wood subfloor to allow stained concrete flooring in a home with a cseven trustl space vs. slab.

the concrete would be poured in squares, 3 - 4 feet across, with 1/4" gaps between them on all sides. my thought is to put down #30 felt paper to protect the cedar, and wrap the edges down into 1/2" gaps cut into the decking in line with each edge of the concrete panels. in other words, this 1300 sq ft deck,

frankly, stacey, the thought of a concrete-over-wood floor frightens me badly. if you can determine that your existing framing can carry that much additional "dead load", then definitely rebar and remesh (the mesh) well or it'll crack. you should know that the floor will want at least 2" of thickness, which,