outdoor patio flooring materials

16 jun 2016 , if it's finally time for a new patio, or to redo the old one, there are lots of cool options other than just boring concrete! these 9 creative outdoor patio flooring ideas can be done without a contractor, and can be done in weekend. all of them transform , same technique, different material! this side yard patio,

to get the most out of your living space, you may try utilizing storage efficiently, strategically choosing furniture and taking advantage of the outdoors. today's homeowners are increasingly interested in ways to expand their living space past the interior of the home. according to the american institute of architects' home,

on the inside of most homes, the floor materials vary some from room to room. treat the outdoor rooms the same way by mixing up your materials or styling. use different textures, stamp patterns and finishes to give each area a slightly different feel. colors should always coordinate, but don't be afraid to use a little creativity,