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other names. djati, jati (indonesia), kyun (myannmar), sagwan (india), teck, mai sak (thailand), giati (vietnam), teca (brazil). teak is one of the world's best-known hardwood timbers. , teak contains an oleoresin which gives the timber a greasy feel, and imparts a distinctive odour to freshly cut material. teak is a firm,

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regional overviews on further processing of tropical timber in asia-pacific, latin america-caribbean,. africa – separate chapters discuss industry structure and location, employment and competitiveness, policy issues, future global demand and outlook for itto producers; examines market preferences in terms of wood,

new technology such as clt (cross laminated timber) and lvl (laminated veneer lumber) is taking wood based construction into new areas for high rise, commercial and industrial construction. in all cases lonza has a range of specialty protection products for structural and appearance timbers and engineered wood,

apr 13, 2017 , once the capital of thailand 400 years ago, ayutthaya is a city popular with tourists due to its recognition of being a world heritage site. the aim to create a new tourist attraction and drive the local community and economy was the brief of the 'wine ayutthaya'; a recreational place for wine enthusiasts and,

only in very recent years have people begun to explore the potential commercial uses for this vast, alternative supply of timber. this led to the commercial launch of coconut timber in a range of different products, from flooring to posts to furniture. with these products performing at equal to or even better than conventional,

apr 15, 2015 , it is shown that engineered bamboo products have properties that are comparable to or surpass that of timber and timber-based products. potential limitations to use in structural design are also discussed. the study contributes to a growing body of research on engineered bamboo and presents areas in,

construction solid timber kvh® is a material that is specifically developed for the modern timber construction high standards with exactly defined product characteristics. since 2016, the pfeifer group produces this precision material at the chanovice (cz) site according to the criteria of the surveillance organization kvh®.

stora enso kvh and duo/trio structural timber for sophisticated modern structures.

the intention of the study is not to assess detailed volumes or the structure of wood utilisation and trade in thailand, but rather to facilitate the visualisation of the pattern in wood and primary wood product trade. taking into consideration the accuracy of data available in all the project countries, any attempt to gain detailed,

natural resources in thailand. thailand's major minerals include fluorite, gypsum, lead, lignite, natural gas, rubber, tantalum, tin, and tungsten. ,. others were of great value domestically, supplying the country's general requirements for timber and wood products of various sorts. in the 1980s, however, the forests,

home builders production company distributes products from building products plus in thailand, malaysia, singapore, indonesia, vietnam, cambodia, brunei, laos, myanmar, and india. , gun barrel pilings® and poles; tapered poles and pilings; general manufactured and structural wood components and products,