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architectural wall panels full line catalog - nichihaat nichiha we think the future is bright. every day more and more people are discovering the beauty and performance of nichiha's fiber cement architectural wall panels. once you've seen or used a nichiha product, you'll be looking for ways to use it again. your projects come in all shapes, markets and styles… at nichiha,

it is a complete building envelope solution that can be tailor-made for custom, out of the ordinary projects, to help meet your cost, speed, and energy performance needs. innovation through the years has made creative design freedom possible with custom architectural panel products manufactured using both laminated and,

in tdi 's 30+ years of working with insulated metal panels nothing comes close to the innovation provided by the architectural wall panel systems now available. , architectural metal panels provides the advantages of a continuous thermal envelope with limitless design potential while maintain a structurally sound project.

imark can provide a wide variety of engineered and tested architectural panel systems to meet your project's needs and budget. with our state of the art automated equipment and fabrication facility, we can offer clients an assortment of panel types including acm, phenolic, imp, translucent and more. our multidisciplinary,

discover real life examples of our insulated panel systems in use. , delve into our project portfolio and discover how our building envelope systems and solutions are delivering more on energy efficiency, fire performance, design , 2013_kingspan architectural wall panel louvre ks1000 lv_carrigaline school_ie07,

alucobond natural wall panels amplify the natural character of aluminium to enhance the design of architectural projects. the finely textured aluminium surfaces of the series natural pure scatter light for a close-up visual effect, while retaining the look and lustre of smooth aluminium from afar. natural finesse is a,

the architectural wall panel is available in 11 distinct profiles and is designed to challenge perceptions of building with panel. explore more, , ks600-1000 architectural wall panels. jump to: projects; technical information; education and training,

missoula concrete construction now offers two-sided architectural finish walls. this new product can be used as highway sound walls, residential privacy walls, or any other application where both sides of the wall displays a detailed architectural finish. with this state-of-the-art process, one side of the wall will contain a,

our flat wall (fw40) insulated metal panels are produced with either a smooth or standard embossed face and offer a perfect solution for designers seeking a high-end architectural look with all the thermal benefits that insulated metal panels offer. this panel captures the sleek modern style gaining in popularity for projects,

with help from our construction team in minneapolis, mn, you can choose the perfect exterior wall panels for your construction project, whether you're building a school, a home, a small business, or a sports arena. we offer a range of options to suit any design aesthetic, including metal, composite, and wood materials.

we have been the industry experts for decades, and understand how important it is to have high quality products that won't blow out the budget of your construction project. all our hardwood cladding and wall panel systems are delivered australia-wide for builders, architects, designers and homeowners who want a solution,

illumination architectural wall panels are not only beautiful, but also backed by the performance of fiber cement. , on the wall cost; high performance panel: no rotting-no warping-no pest concerns-no delamination; recycled content in our products also creates an opportunity for leed™ projects to accrue more points.

a new building often requires the ultimate in safety and function at a cost-effective price. molin's insulated architectural wall panels stand up to the elements while providing long-term cost benefits. available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes, insulated wall panels are ideal for any building project that needs,

wall battery moulds for wall panels with architectural concrete finish. project // belgium. icon product , the smallest battery mould is equipped with 3 movable intermediate panels and 1 movable end panel on either side of the fixed centre panel with integrated working platform. these panels can be moved manually by,

wall systems - varco pruden buildingsvp's architectural wall panels are designed for high profile projects that require a flush exterior wall finish. this panel is 36” wide and available in four thicknesses, each with an insulated core made from foamed in-place, blister free, non-cfc polyurethane. maximum panel length is 32'-0”. the exterior panels are made from,

decoustics' acoustic panels are constructed from a medium density fiberglass core and are recommended for areas that will not be subjected to abuse or impact. these general purpose acoustical wall panels are manufactured to suit individual project requirements including, where required, special shapes, sizes, curves,,

non-load bearing precast architectural panels are directly loaded on to the building structure, eliminating the need for additional backup structure and allowing quick installation for building enclosure. the shortened installation time creates project savings, as well as a clean job site. insulated architectural wall panels.jpg,

protean project gallery features architectural metal wall panels: aluminum plate, acm & laminated wall panels & column covers ─ edu., civic & commercial use.

architectural wall panels are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and finishes to meet a project's requirements. panels are engineered for both structural integrity and aesthetics, whether they are used as shear walls, load bearing, nonload bearing, interior, or exterior walls. premium architectural wall panel with,