The Average Price Of A New Deck

planning to replace a deck railing and want to compare the cost , for inspiration about deck features, a new , knowing the average cost to replace a deck ,

cost to build a deck; building a deck cost factors; deck material costs; deck covers; diy or hire a pro; how to build a deck; diy deck projects; find a pro; cost to build a deck. as you can see above, the average cost to build a deck hovers around $6,200. however, depending on the size or scope of your project, the total price can bulge up to $14,000.

most homeowners spend from $4,085 to $9,885 on the cost to build a deck, or an average of $6,916. a deck less than 200 square feet can fall at the low end of the price spectrum, while a deck in excess of 500 square feet can cost more than $20,000, with most homeowners spending approximately $35 per square foot.

how much does it cost to build a deck? national average change , how much it costs to restore or replace a deck varies as much as the original cost of a new deck.