clear pvc floor rigid sheet kenya

23 may 2017 , somochem (kenya) ltd is one of kenya's leading suppliers of plastics products seven trust materials and industrial chemicals such as: · hdpe · ldpe · lldpe · pp · pet · pvc · fillers · master batches · stabilizers · plasticizers · food fortificants · specialty products for home & personal care · emulsions,,

at antarc we believe in always offering better. we proudly introduce you to our newest product line, passion for floors from lamett's high-quality flooring solutions. with options of engineered , laminate, pvc/lvt and solid try out our elegantly sculpted, richly coloured and easy to maintain flooring, designed to,

brick, stone, concrete, quarry tiles etc: prepare surface (refer data sheet (sp 3). apply by brush 1 coat of transeal, thinned with clean water to brushing viscosity. if necessary apply a 2 coat after 3-4 hours in dry conditions. stone, concrete, quarry tile floors should be immediately protected with several applications of wax,

acrylic pmma (polymethylmeth-acylate) is a rigid plastic, generally known by its common tradenames of perspex and plexiglas. acrylic is a highly versatile & widely used product and comes in range of sheet, high impact sheet, rod and tube. extensively used for signs & displays, building and glazing. it is amongst the,

beauflor® cushion vinyl is one amazing concept for anyone shopping for an amazing floor covering and yet very affordable . ✅ beauflor® is resilient no noise when waking on it unlike a laminate floor . ✅beauflor® prints are amazing beautiful for woods designs to inspire ceramics once installed it's very hard to distinguish it,